School Policies

School welfare



Policies are developed to guide and standardise practices at our school. Department of Education and Communities' policies provide our overarching guidelines, and can be found on the Department's website. Within all policies lies the need for good sense, flexibility to a particular situation or circumstance, and good will on the part of all involved to arrive at the best outcome for our students.

Our School Council, comprised of elected parent, staff and community members, contributes to the development, review and endorsement of school policies. 


Behaviour Levels 2016 (pdf 376 KB)

Behaviour Procedure 2016 (pdf 430 KB)

Values Education Policy (pdf, 447 KB)

Student Wellbeing Policy (pdf, 347 KB)

School Complaint Procedure (pdf 113 KB)

Anti-Bullying Plan (pdf, 514 KB)

PSSA Code of Conduct (pdf, 58 KB)

Code of Conduct - Activities (pdf, 56 KB)

Bicycle/Scooter Code of Conduct (pdf, 60 KB)

Selection of Y6 Leaders Policy (pdf, 64 KB)

School Enrolment Policy (pdf, 63 KB)

Gifted and Talented 2018 (docx 2185 KB)