Welcome to the CPPS P&C Association


P&C Associations provide you with the opportunity to be informed and contribute to educational matters relating to the school including fundraising, canteen, uniform, special projects and more.


The CPPS P&C is a school-based organisation open to all parents, teachers and interested citizens of our community. We are a dedicated group of people whose common objective is to be actively involved in our children's schooling. The money we raise contributes to improving our children's education and their school environment. 


Over the past few years, with the money the P&C has donated to the school, we have been able to buy additional books for the library, restock the home readers in classrooms, upgrade the primary playground, replace the morning assembly shade cloth, paint classrooms and place pin-boards on all walls and down the hall for the display of children's work. Cupboards for art equipment and interactive whiteboards have been installed in every room.


All of this could not have been accomplished without the generous support of our school families and community.


Join us in 2016 - let's make a difference!

Helping Hands P&C Community spirit Volunteer - we need your help!

The P&C relies heavily on supportive volunteers, not only for the P&C managed uniform shop and canteen, but for every event the P&C organises. We encourage you and your family to help where possible. As well as supporting the school and assisting your children, it's fun and it is an ideal way of getting to know other families within the local community.

The P&C has a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator who maintains a confidential volunteer database and and informs of upcoming events and activities throughout the year. If you would like to find out more about the many volunteer opportunities available in 2016 please contact Lara at larapastura@hotmail.com We hope that you will join us in 2016 to help foster an enjoyable and successful year ahead.


Albert Pastura

P&C President