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Sydney Youth Writing Festival

Once again, students from Connells Point Public School have achieved success in the Sydney Youth Writing Competition. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding work; Senior Poetry 6P — Madeleine —Family — Encouragement Award 6C — Ashleigh — Pets — Highly Commended Junior Short Story 4/5M — Anastasia —Torn Between Two — Highly Commended Junior Plays and Scripts 4S — Olivia —The Art of Shopping — First Place All finalists have been published in Thunder and Lime, this year's collection of the best entries. Click here to... Read more

Performing Arts Showcase

What a delight it was to watch our children on stage at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre! So many beaming faces, proudly showing their families their skills and talents in a huge range of performing arts: dance, singing, public speaking, drama, musicianship and skipping. The confidence of the performers was amazing—nobody was overwhelmed by the bright lights or large audience! I never take evenings like our Showcase for granted. They only happen because of the commitment and good will of teachers who are prepared to give their time to... Read more

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Outstanding Musician

Connells Point Public School Year 4 student, David Carreon, is an outstanding musician whose talent has seen him selected to perform with the Sydney Region Choral Festival Symphony Orchestra. David has also been a member of the Sydney Youth Orchestra for the last four years. Given that he is now only 9 years old, this is a truly remarkable achievement! David, who is, of course, a member of our school band, plays piano at 8th Grade level, and violin at 7th Grade level. In the Sydney Region Symphony Orchestra, of which he is the youngest member,... Read more

Public Speaking Competition

As a key part of our Talking and Listening program, Connells Point Public School students recently participated in our school-wide public speaking competition. Each student presented a prepared speech to his or her class. From this, representatives were chosen who progressed to our school final held on Tuesday 14 September, 2010. To help differentiate the performance of these high performing students, they were also required to present an impromptu speech on a given topic. Results of the competiton are published in our Newsletter of Week 9... Read more

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Whooping cough alert

NSW Health is warning parents to be on the alert for whooping cough following an increase in the number of school-aged children diagnosed with the disease over the last few weeks. Whooping cough – also known as pertussis – is a serious respiratory infection that causes a long coughing illness, and can be life-threatening for babies. Older children can bring home whooping cough from school or childcare and the infection can then be passed on to babies in the home. Boosters are important Whooping cough boosters are important for older children... Read more

Digital citizenship checklist

Kids today seem to be born knowing how to use technology, but they don't automatically understand responsible online behaviour. It's a new challenge parents face – teaching children how to be good digital citizens; how to use technology safely and responsibly, and how to evaluate, manage and use the information and tools they find online. Here are eight areas of digital citizenship that parents may consider and discuss with their children. Digital etiquette The most common example is using lower case letters in text messages and emails -... Read more

Our Record Breaking At

Connells Point Public School and The Weather Channel smashed the Guinness World Record for the world's largest interactive weather report as part of National Science Week. To break the record, 502 schools measured the temperature in their playground at midday on August 18th and submitted the readings to The Weather Channel , who broadcast the results as part of The Big Report and on Nickelodeon. The Weather Channel trounced the previous record held by the BBC, in the UK, who had 261 schools submit the temperature. Chris Sheedy, from Guinness... Read more

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The power of numbers

Girls listen to pop music, use the internet to stay in touch with friends and enjoy playing netball. Boys prefer rap, use the internet to play games and nominate AFL or soccer as their sport of choice. These were some of the findings of a national survey of more than 20,000 students, of which more than a quarter came from NSW. The Australian Bureau of Statistics CensusAtSchool for 2010 was open to students from Years 4 to 12, with the aim to spark students' interest in statistics and to improve their statistical literacy. Striking results... Read more

Guarding against Cyberbullying

To keep our community well informed about cyberbullying, our P&C has arranged for the Youth Liaison Officer from Hurstville LAC Police, Constable Dawn Pointon, to speak to parents. Constable Pointon will be presenting an information session on 19 October in our Performing Arts Room. Parents and carers of students currently enrolled at Connells Point Public School are warmly invited to attend. Understanding the issues around cyberbullying, and how it can involve your child, is fundamental to the safe and appropriate use of the internet, text... Read more

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Premier's Spelling Bee

The school's spelling bee was held on Wednesday, 25 August in the school hall. There was a great participation rate, with many students eager to test their spelling skills. Winner of the junior section was Anthony of 2/3K, with the runner-up being Anastasia of 4/5M. In the senior section, Evan of 5W was the winner, with second position going to Liam of 6P. Students who placed 1 st and 2 nd in each division will progress to the next round. The Premier's Spelling Bee was introduced in 2004 as a fun and educational way for primary school... Read more

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Congratulations to Anish in 1/2S, who is currently starring in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Opera House. This is what Anish wrote about his experience. I went to the Sydney Opera House to perform an Opera. There were lots of people performing with me. The story was about a king and a queen and a little Indian Prince – that was me! There was Puck who steals me from the queen. King Oberon sends Puck and the two blue gopies to steal me. The pink gopies try to save me. But Puck is too clever. Queen Fatnia falls in love with a donkey. I got to... Read more

Flash mobs celebrate Education Week

Communities around the state got a glimpse of the performance talent of NSW public school students who sprung into action at a series of flash mobs to celebrate the start of Education Week 2010. About 500 students descended on Sydney's Circular Quay for an energetic performance as part of a flash mob - an event where a group of people are organised to quickly assemble in a public place to do something unexpected and then disperse. Concurrent flash mobs, involving almost 200 other NSW public school students, were held at Miranda and Orange.... Read more

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Selective High School Success

Congratulations to the 17 Connells Point Public School Year 6 students who have been offered placements at academically Selective High Schools in 2011! This is an outstanding result, with these positions highly prized and keenly sought. Our congratulations, also, to three students who have been offered academic scholarships at other prestigious high schools. Again, this achievement is significant, as the places were based on the results of examinations attracting hundreds, if not thousands, of students from the government and non-govenment... Read more

Back to school tax refunds

Parents are encouraged to keep their receipts from education related expenses to take advantage of a federal government initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) provides parents with refunds of 50% on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. Parents can receive refunds of up to $375 per primary school student and $750 per secondary school student. A family with two kids in high school and one in primary school could potentially get a refund of almost $2,000 on eligible education expenses. Items you can claim Parents can... Read more

Your child's resilience

Next time your child is furrowing their brow and staring off into space, ask them whether they're thinking dolphin or shark thoughts. That's the advice from resilience specialist Andrew Fuller on helping your child to recognise the positive or negative approaches they may be taking on life issues. "Dolphin thinking can help you out and shark thinking can eat you up. It doesn't matter how old your kids are, they can still understand it," Andrew says. "The things that are most important are teaching children what a good life is, how to live life... Read more

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Cyber-safety tools

A new cyber-safety website provides parents and teachers with easy-to-understand information about how to create safe online environments for children. The ThinkUKnow website helps parents and teachers to understand new technologies and the safety risks that the online environment can present to children and young people. The website provides interactive training and information on key topics, including the digital channels kids commonly use how to stay in control of your child's cyber activity how to report inappropriate content advice on... Read more

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CPPS School Council AGM

When: Monday 10th May Time: 6pm Venue: CPPS Staffroom (Administration Block)... Read more

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Jollybops Science Show

On March 25, 2010 there was a show called Jollybops. The hosts were the Jolly Wizard and a robot called Rusty theRobot. The first thing we had to do was say "there he is". The Jolly wizard could not find him. In the first experiment the Jolly Wizard put up a rubber glove. He kept it on and it got really big. Then Rusty put the gloveover his head. When the Jolly Wizard let go of it, it went in Rusty's face. They needed a volunteer. The robot chose twoY3 students. Then he asked them their names. He said their names again in funny talk. They... Read more

Eggs-hibition 2010

Congratulations to all of the families who entered the 2010 Eggs-hibition. Once again, the entries were of a very high standard and it was hard to choose a winner. After much deliberation, the following egg-samples were chosen: Science Category - Egg-orcise (Liam 6P) Sport Category - Eggs-treme (Luca 3M) General Winner - Eggsodus (Ashleigh 6C) Sport Category - Dale Egg Smith (Emma 4G) General Category - Egg-Stream (Ella 5L & Lara 2D) Simply hover over the picture to see which student created each artwork! ... Read more

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Sydney Tower Excursion

On Monday the 15th of March, Year Six went on an excursion to Sydney Tower. Our first stop was Sydney Tower. We were split into two groups and took turns going to Oztrek and the observation deck. In Oztrek, we were all strapped into the hydraulic seats that were synchronised with a short video on Australia. As viewers, we actually felt that we were taking a journey across Australia's landscapes and landmarks. At the top of the tower, we looked through binoculars and saw Sydney's famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera... Read more

Ready, set, read!

Kids who get a head start on this year's Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) could win early bird rewards. The challenge officially runs from 1 April to 1 September, but NSW public school students can log on now and start attacking those reading lists. Each child who completes the required number of books from the PRC booklist receives a certificate signed by the Premier. The aim is that along the way they'll also enjoy discovering quality literature from a wide range of authors. They'll also find out that quality literature doesn't mean boring... Read more

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Back to school tax refunds

Parents are encouraged to keep their receipts from education related expenses to take advantage of a federal government initiative. The Education Tax Refund (ETR) provides parents with refunds of 50% on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses. Parents can receive refunds of up to $375 per primary school student and $750 per secondary school student. A family with two kids in high school and one in primary school could potentially get a refund of almost $2,000 on eligible education expenses. Items you can claim Parents can... Read more

Cool lunch ideas

Keeping your child safe from food poisoning could be as simple as packing a frozen drink in with their lunch each day. Sandwiches packed at breakfast time can sit for up five hours in a school lunchbox before the lunch break, giving bacteria plenty of time to multiply - especially during the warmer months. A recent survey by the NSW Food Authority indicated only 29% of lunches were being stored safely, by using an ice brick or frozen drink which can keep lunchboxes up to 12 degrees cooler. The survey also revealed that while the majority of... Read more

My School website explained

This is a new website launched by the Australian Government on 28 January, 2010. The My School website provides a snapshot of every government and non-government school in Australia. The website offers a short description of each school and its community, the number of students and teachers, student attendance rates, and student results in new national tests in reading, writing and maths for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. These tests took place in 2008 and 2009 and are known as the NAPLAN tests (the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy).... Read more

It's Academic Grand Champions

Congratulations to the 'It's Academic Team', who beat 26 other schools across Australia to win series 9 of the channel 7 television show. The grand final episode went to air on Friday 11th December 2009. As well as winning individual PSP's, the team won 8 Apple Macbooks and 6 Ipods for the school! We would like to congratulate the team, their families and teachers, on this amazing achievement. The Leader - 15th December 2010 (pdf, 365 KB)... Read more