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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011



On Thursday 17th March, a Zulu Performer visited our school. Lucky Phewa was born in Durban, South Africa. He is an

outstanding musician and performer and has learned the traditional dances of the Zulu people from an early age. He came to Connells Point Public School to show us some of his amazing cultural dances.


Upon his entrance, he started singing a traditional Zulu song and then he surprised us all, with a magnificently loud drum roll that scared some of us out of our skins! Then he showed us the different types of drums.


He asked if any boys wanted to play the drums. Lefteri (5/6G) was invited to join Lucky on stage and play a drum. Mr Cohen, Mrs Law, Mrs Rehayem, Mrs Woodhams and Mrs Pavlakis were also lucky enough to be invited up onto the stage steps to play the drums.

Lucky also invited some boys and girls to do a traditional dance that only males and females can do. It was very entertaining!


I hope the teachers had fun seeing us roll around on floor, nearly splitting our sides with laughter, when they danced. They were asked to do a traditional dance on their own and Mr Cohen did the men's dance with Lefteri playing the drums.... very amusing!


It was definitely a worthwhile experience!


Ella & Annie 6C