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Last updated 9:37 AM on 8 October 2011

Year 6 camp was a tremendous adventure to experience. Everyone had an awesome time and we all had lots of laughs. It was a big eye opener to how lucky we are here at Connells Point Public School. We are one of the many schools to have this amazing privilege.

When we got to Myuna Bay we were all very excited to see our cabins. There were multiple lodges at camp. Our first meal when we arrived was sandwiches. Luckily, it wasn't that bad. Before camp, we were divided into three groups called The Pelicans (Miss Benson's group), The Wobbegongs (Mr Parsons' group) and The Green Turtles (Mr Cohen's group). There were two other schools there from Newcastle and St Andrews.

We were fortunate enough to do some exciting activities while we were at the camp. The activities included Kayaking, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Bushwalking, Swimming and Tennis. As you can read we had a lot to do at camp. At night time we did night activities which were basically just fun and interactive games.


Kayaking was a fun but tiring activity. We had a few problems with a couple of people capsizing but we quickly got used to the idea of stroking and twisting simultaneously. Some people didn't get used to the idea very quickly and just kept on kayaking around in circles.

Flying Fox

The Flying Fox was a fun and entertaining activity. It was an extraordinary adventure as we were strapped in our harnesses and flew down a 30 metre long wire. It was a shame that we only had time for one go each because it was so much fun that everyone would have liked to have many more turns. 

Giant Swing

The Giant Swing was a nerve-racking activity as most of us were harnessed and pulled up the 18-metre swing. We then had to pull a purple string to release ourselves. We all didn't expect the first jolt but then it felt like we were flying. Some people (Daniel Wang, not singling out anyone) even did the flying chicken dance. It was a fun activity and most of us favoured it the most.

Camp out

The camp out was a very interesting and thrilling adventure, as all of us went on an exciting journey around the forest. We had a tiring walk, which took approximately 20 minutes, but we managed to find our way around. Everyone also got in groups and made a camp fire, (luckily none of us burned down the bush), and we cooked some delicious damper.  

The Food

The food was alright, but not to everyone's liking! We had a room which was called the dining room, but it looked a lot like a cafeteria, where we would eat our meals with the other schools. Every group had either one breakfast, lunch or dinner duty.

On behalf of Year 6, we would like to thank the teachers - Ms Benson, Mr Parsons, Mrs Whale and Mr Cohen - for letting us have this awesome privilege. It was an amazing experience and we all had the time of our lives.

Liam, Callum & Thomas