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Last updated 3:49 PM on 24 February 2012

A BIG thanks to Panasonic for sponsoring the Kids Witness News (KWN) short film competition in 2011. Connells Point Public School recently received our prize of $2000 worth of brand new state of the art equipment. The school now has 13 new digital cameras, some of which record HD video and are waterproof. We also received a new digital video camera and a 32 inch LCD screen from Panasonic last year!


This equipment will be of great benefit to the students of Connells Point for many years to come.


We would like to thank Panasonic and all of the people who made KWN possible. It was a great opportunity and we appreciate your support.


KWN team with their prizes


Panasonic PrizesKWN


Thanks Panasonic!