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Last updated 4:41 PM on 30 November 2012

Each year, Sydney holds a "Youth Writing Competition" where students between the ages of 7 and 12 from around the world can submit any number of entries of writing in a variety of differing categories.  A selection of entries is then chosen to be published for the current year. This year, that publication is called ‘Key. Face. Cloud.'


Awards are given for First, Second and Third Prizes, Highly Commended, Commended and Encouragement in each category.


We congratulate all those students of our school who entered the competition.


In particular, we congratulate the following students who were awarded recognition as follows: -

Mia F.- Highly Commended - Free Choice Years 5 and 6 - Australian Things

Mia's Song - Click Here (pdf 29 KB)
Holly F. - Commended - Short Story Year 5 and 6 - Running Late

Holly's Story - Click Here (pdf 153 KB)
Amy O. - Encouragement Award - Short Story Year 3 and 4 - The Athletic Cloud

Amy's Story - Click Here (pdf 138 KB)
George H.- Encouragement Award  - Poetry Year 3 and 4 - When I Look at the Clouds
George's Poem - Click Here (pdf 32 KB)

George H. - Highly Commended - Play Year 3 and 4 - The Missing Key

George's Play - Click Here (pdf 63 KB)


It is always a wonderful achievement to be published in a book, and very exciting to have been published as a primary school student! Well done, children!


Cover - YWC


These students' works can be viewed in the 2012 publication, ‘Key. Face. Cloud.'