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Last updated 9:37 AM on 8 October 2011

On Monday the 15th of March, Year Six went on an excursion to Sydney Tower. Our first stop was Sydney Tower. We were split into two groups and took turns going to Oztrek and the observation deck. In Oztrek, we were all strapped into the hydraulic seats that were synchronised with a short video on Australia. As viewers, we actually felt that we were taking a journey across Australia's landscapes and landmarks. At the top of the tower, we looked through binoculars and saw Sydney's famous landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It was great. We were fortunate that the sky was clear allowing us to have the best views of the city. We all felt like tourists taking numerous photos of ourselves and the city. From Sydney Tower, we had a bird's eye view of the city.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the Royal Botanic Gardens. We walked through the gardens and onto the Sydney Opera House. We chatted with each other and looked out at the harbour. From the Opera House, you could see the Harbour Bridge. It was very picturesque. Our day was coming to an end. We packed up and walked back to our buses. Before we knew it, we had arrived back at school.  It was definitely an unforgettable excursion to the city.

Fiona 6P

Sydney Tower          St Marys Cathedral        Botanic GArdens

Walking to the Opera House        Harbour Bridge and Ferry       

Opera House