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Last updated 7:12 AM on 23 November 2012


Our sixth annual Performing Arts Showcase went off without a hitch. It was wonderful to have our students perform to a full house at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre and to hear the buzz of excitement and positive comments at the end of the evening.


I am immensely proud of, and grateful for, the dedication of our teachers in producing such a high quality event. The pursuit of excellence and personal best; the values of commitment and team work; and the joy of learning and performing were all clearly on display. That our students have these opportunities is a credit to our staff and to the support and encouragement provided by parents and families.


My thanks go to all the teachers and tutors who were responsible for the various items. Their names were listed in our program. I would also like to thank the supervising teachers - including casual teachers who came on the night to support the school - who looked after the children while they were not on stage. This is often a thankless and wearing task, but essential for the success of the evening. These events often call on extended family members to lend an extra hand - the contributions of our teachers' daughters, sons, partners and parents are greatly appreciated.


Special thanks go to the Showcase Organising Committee. Mr Cohen, Mrs Woodhams, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Stevenson, Ms Challenor, Mrs Doulos, Mrs Green, Ms McCain and Mrs Szalay undertook all of the planning and management that goes into making such a big event run smoothly. They were ably supported by our office staff.


I'm sure you all loved the CPPS Video (and have been humming the tune ever since!) made by Mr Cohen and starring our students. It was a great way to start and finish the night.


Photos of the evening have been uploaded onto our website and can be viewed below. Thank you to Mr David Petranker, who took more than 800 photos on the night, and has made them available for our use.


As we encourage our children to strive and persist in order to develop their talents and potential, this quote might keep things grounded:


Boys' Dance



"Success is about having, excellence is about being.

Success is about having money and fame,

but excellence is being the best you can be." Mike Ditka