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Our Excursion to The Royal National Park

On Monday, 21st May, Year 4 went on an excursion to the Royal National Park at Wattamolla. We travelled in a bus for approximately an hour.

When we arrived, we met three of the rangers at the National Park. The rangers introduced themselves and taught us about some of the animals that lived in the Royal National Park. The rangers let us pat some of the stuffed animals. Then we had morning tea. 

The three different classes all started with different activities with different rangers. Our class did whale watching on a cliff, using binoculars. Unfortunately, we didn't see any whales. Sitting on the cliff gave us wonderful views of the coastline.   

The next activity we experienced was Aboriginal culture. The ranger showed us how to make ropes with long reeds, make soap with leaves and water, and lots of other interesting activities. We then had lunch.

Our final activity was fishing for bugs in the Coot River. Only a few people caught bugs. We had a really fun day.

The classes gathered back together and we had to leave. We all had a wonderful time.    

By Haley and Iris

Royal National Park

An Excursion to Wattamolla

Year 4 went on an excursion to Wattamolla Royal National Park. We arrived there at 10:00am; it was a fun ride!

When we got off the bus, the three rangers, Sue, David and Kerry, talked about the different animals. They were the Sugar Glider, Wallaby, Tawny Frog Mouth, Snake, Fox and Possum that lived in the National Park. After that, we were allowed to take photos of the animals and touched them. We then had recess.

Sue took our class on a coast walk. It was very rocky, but we finally got up to the top of the cliff and used binoculars to whale watch. Some people saw some squirts from the blow hole of whales; then we went down the rocky hill to where we started.

We then had lunch and Ranger David gave us a green berry to eat. It was yummy. He showed us how to make soap. It actually worked!

Then Kerry took us to Coot River to fish for bugs. I caught a little Water Boatman and my friend caught two bugs.

Finally we went back to school. The excursion was awesome!!!

By Marcus C and Marcus R


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012


Royal National Park 2012