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Last updated 10:10 PM on 24 November 2011

Lara Public Speaking


Congratulations to Lara in Year 4, who won the Stage 2 Public Speaking final for Sydney Region Primary Schools. Lara worked very hard to achieve this result, with the adjudicator saying that she had beautiful diction and a natural consistent flow.



Public Speaking Success

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the Public Speaking Competition held at Hurstville South Public School. We were represented by Dayna (Stage 3), Lara (Stage 2) and Erin (Early Stage 1). Unfortunately, Noah in Stage 1 was ill and unable to attend.


Lara in Year 4 won the Stage 2 competition and went on to represent our School Network in the Sydney Region competition held on Tuesday 15th November at Engadine West Public School (see result above). Dayna received a Highly Commended award and all of the speakers were fabulous ambassadors for Connells Point PS.  


Below is a recount from Lara in Year 4.


On  26th October, I went to the District Public Speaking Competition, held at Hurstville South Public School. When I arrived, we went to their old hall. As soon as I found out I was up against 18 other schools, I was extremely nervous.


We started with our prepared speeches and I was 6th with "Manners are Important". When I was done, I went back to my seat and listened to another 13 speeches with topics ranging from Chocolate to Volcanoes.


We then had a five minute break, where parents could get tea, coffee and cakes. The speakers also got a bag containing a packet of chips and a bottle of juice.


After that, we were taken into a room where we were given our impromptu topic of "Technology". We were asked to prepare a speech in five minutes which needed to last a maximum of one minute. Once again, I went 6th and then sat back into my seat.


The adjudicator talked about what he looked for in speeches; which were manner, matter and method. After this was done, the awards were given. Every competitor got a participation certificate saying their name and school. Then the two highly commended trophies were given out. Finally the winner was announced and I was astonished to hear my name called out!


After a wonderful day, I went back to my class where everyone congratulated me! I was really happy with how I went and so was my family. Although I did feel really nervous before my speech, at the end of the day, I felt the complete opposite!!!