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Last updated 2:13 PM on 9 November 2012

On Tuesday 11th September, Stage 2 and 3 students took part in the school public speaking finals. The students delivered wonderful prepared speeches and then had to deliver an impromptu speech. The impromptu topic for Stage 3 was ‘Running Away‘ and the topic for Stage 2 students was ‘The Future'. 

One student from each stage was selected to represent CPPS at the Georges River Zone Final on Wednesday 24 October.

Congratulations to the following students and good luck in the next stage of the competition.


Stage 3                                 Winner – Dayna K

                                             Highly Commended – Anastasia H

                                             Highly Commended – Emma G


Stage 2                                 Winner – George H

                                             Highly Commended – Audrey W

                                             Highly Commended – Taylor O


Stage 1:                                Winner – Gabriella C

                                             Highly Commended – Nicholas F

                     Highly Commended – Charlie W


Early Stage One:                  Winner - Jaiden S

                                             Highly Commended – Max F

                    Highly Commended – Lauren S


Public Speaking Finalist


 Public Speaking Finalist


Public Speaking Finalist


Public Speaking Finalist