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Last updated 9:37 AM on 8 October 2011

As a key part  of our Talking and Listening program, Connells Point Public School students recently participated in our school-wide public speaking competition.

Each student presented a prepared speech to his or her class. From this, representatives were chosen who progressed to our school final held on Tuesday 14 September, 2010. To help differentiate the performance of these high performing students, they were also required to present an impromptu speech on a given topic.

Results of the competiton are published in our Newsletter of Week 9 Term 3 2010. Stage winners now proceed to represent the school at the Georges River Network Public Speaking Competition.

Congratulations to all students who took part, and who further developed their confidence and skills in speaking to an audience.


Below are links to sites that may assist in planning, writing and presenting a good speech. 

DET Public Speaking Hints, Tips & Videos Note: This link is only accessible via the DET Intranet