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Last updated 8:34 AM on 17 July 2013

Spelling Bee 2013


Connells Point Public School has enrolled in the Premier's Spelling Bee for 2013. This is a valuable opportunity for students to challenge their spelling prowess individually, within grade groups and then at the higher stage level.


In order to ensure that all children have a fair and equitable chance to perform in the lead up to the selection process, we encourage all children to take part in the grade selection.


  1. In the first instance, each grade will conduct a mini spelling bee in order to select the best 15 spellers from the grade.
  2. These 15 finalists will then compete at a stage level - Junior (years 3 & 4) and Senior (Years 5 & 6)
  3. Two winners will then be selected from the Junior and Senior divisions, to represent the school at a regional level.


The grade competitions will take place in week 5 of Term 3, with the Stage Final taking place in Week 6. All of the words are now available from the Arts Unit website. We will publish the password to access the lists in this week's newsletter. Please note that the junior words begin at Level 1 and go to Level 5 and the senior words begin at Level 2 and go to Level 7.


An official Premier's Spelling Bee 2013 App is available for download from the Samsung Apps Store. The app will provide students with the opportunity to practice spelling the official words of the 2013 Premier's Spelling Bee. The app is available at www.samsungapps.com/


Spelling Bee Procedures 13 (pdf 108 KB)

Spelling Bee Guidelines 13 (pdf 102 KB)




Spelling Bee