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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011

CPPS has enrolled in the Premier's Spelling Bee again for the 2011 year. This is a valuable opportunity for students to challenge their spelling prowess individually, within class and grade groups and then at the higher level of the stage group.


In order to ensure that all children get a fair and equitable chance to perform in the lead up to the selection process, we would like to encourage all children to take part in grade activities prior to the event. Additionally, to ensure the school puts forward its best spellers across stages for the final competition, we would like to align the way the Spelling Bee is conducted with our process for the Public Speaking Competition.


In the first instance, each grade will conduct a mini spelling bee in order to select the best 10 spellers from the grade. Words for seniors and juniors will be selected from the Premier's Spelling Bee Annotated Word Lists. The categories for the grade competition will be limited to the topics of 'Natural World' - Pages 115-126 and 'Science and Technology' - Pages 126-137 (both junior and senior levels). These lists can be accessed through the attached files below. The 10 finalists from the grade levels will then compete at a stage level, with words selected from the entire Premier's Spelling Bee lists, in order to select the best two spellers for the stage. These two finalists will then proceed to compete at the Premier's Spelling Bee challenge and represent the school.

2011 Junior General Word List (pdf, 143 KB)

2011 Junior Annotated Word List (pdf, 540 KB)

2011 Senior General Word List (pdf, 150 KB)

2011 Senior Annotated Word List (pdf, 550 KB)


For more information CLICK HERE to visit the arts unit website.


2011 Spelling Bee Information (pdf, 100 KB)