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Last updated 8:44 AM on 16 November 2012

Anthony A-N-T-H-O-N-Y


Congratulations Anthony!


On Wednesday, 7 November 2012,  Anthony represented Connells Point Public School in the state finals of the Premier's Spelling Bee, held at the ABC Centre in Sydney. Many hours of practice were needed to achieve this level of success.


The final group of seven children were very hard to separate. Anthony had to spell facetious, loquacious, erroneous, obsequious and psoriasis during the rounds. Many adults would surrender if asked to spell these words!


Finally, after many gruelling hours, Anthony finished third, succumbing to the word ‘opprobrium'.


What a fantastic result! Congratulations, Anthony; you did yourself, and our school, proud!



                            2012 Spelling Bee

Congratulations to all of the students who took part in this year's Premier's Spelling Bee. As always the standard was very high and it took many rounds of words to single out the two representatives from each Stage.


Congratulations to:

  • Mary (Year 3)
  • Pratishtha (Year 4)
  • Anthony (Year 5)
  • Anastasia (Year 6)


These students will represent our school at the Sydney Region Final to be held at Mortdale Public School later this term. Winners then go on to compete in the State Final at the ABC Centre, Sydney.



Connells Point Public School has enrolled in the Premier's Spelling Bee for 2012. This is a valuable opportunity for students to challenge their spelling prowess individually, within grade groups and then at the higher stage level.

 In order to ensure that all children have a fair and equitable chance to perform in the lead up to the selection process, we encourage all children to take part in the grade selection.


  • In the first instance, each grade will conduct a mini spelling bee in order to select the best 15 spellers from the grade.
  • These 15 finalists will then compete at a stage level - Junior (years 3 & 4) and Senior (Years 5 & 6)
  • Two winners will then be selected from the Junior (years 3 & 4) and Senior (Years 5 & 6) divisions, to represent the school at a regional level.


The grade competitions will take place in week 5 of Term 3, with the Stage Final taking place in week 6. All of the words and rules are available to download below.


2012 Junior Word List (pdf, 73 KB)

2012 Junior (Annotated) (pdf, 514 KB)

2012 Senior Word List (pdf, 74 KB)

2012 Senior (Annotated) (pdf, 505 KB) 


Competition Guidelines (pdf, 108 KB)


An official  Premier's Spelling Bee 2012 App is now available for download from the Samsung Apps Market Place on any Samsung Galaxy or Android device.


Free Spelling Bee App


This free app will provide students with the opportunity to practise spelling this year's official words.