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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011

What a delight it was to watch our children on stage at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre! So many beaming faces, proudly showing their families their skills and talents in a huge range of performing arts: dance, singing, public speaking, drama, musicianship and skipping. The confidence of the performers was amazing—nobody was overwhelmed by the bright lights or large audience!


I never take evenings like our Showcase for granted. They only happen because of the commitment and good will of teachers who are prepared to give their time to create quality performances. If teachers don't put up their hands for this extra workload, they just don't happen. So my sincere thanks to each and every staff member who lends their support to making our Performing Arts Showcase an annual highlight.


Every child who gave of their best deserves to feel the glow of achievement, none more so that those who performed an individual item. That's a pretty big stage when you're the only person on it! So well done to Charlie, George, Lara, Dayna and Fiona, who delivered their winning public speaking speeches, and to David, for his truly amazing violin solo. I can't imagine where their skills and talents will take them in the next 10 years!


Connells Point Public School values participation, commitment and striving for excellence. We encourage all students to have a go, find a talent and then work at developing it. The results for those who take the opportunities, and stay the course, were evident last night. As in life, you get back what you put in. Those who excel, whether in the performing or creative arts, academically or in sport, do so because they put in the hours of practice that are essential for excellence. There is a theory that says 10,000 hours of concentrated and reflective practice is required to achieve mastery of anything — this amounts to about 10 years. Talent is not enough on its own, without dedication and commitment. 


At the Showcase this year, we saw many children who are well on the way to becoming masters of their talents. 


Please take the time to watch some of the marvellous acts on show this year. There is a compilation available on this page, as well as some individual acts that can be found within the ‘Videos' section of the website. The footage was taken by GOODTIMES Video Productions and we thank them for allowing us to share some of their footage (www.goodtimes.com.au). You can also view some great photographs of the 2010 Showcase in the ‘Photo Album' at the bottom of the homepage.