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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011
MURRI - Queensland Aboriginal
KULCHA - Kriol spelling for Culture
EDUCATION Where reconciliation starts
Lewis Parter performed at Connells Point Public School on Tuesday 21st June, 2011. He was born in Bowen, North Queensland. His language was that of the Birri Gubba and his heritage is of the central Queensland Daranbal people. Mr Parter states "My heart is for my people and a better understanding of my people. I believe my presentation allows for what I call a "soft" approach to Reconciliation."




Below are some comments from our Kindergarten students.



Today we saw the NAIDOC man and he played the piano. Some people came up to hold the flags. He played the didgeridoo and the guitar.    Erin

Today I saw an aboriginal person and he can play two things in a row. We clapped when he was playing music.     Jemma


My favourite part of the NAIDOC show was hopping around like a kangaroo.     Dominique

My favourite part of the NAIDOC show was when we had to laugh like a kookaburra and I liked the bumps when the Holden car went over the bumpy bridge. Kishan


I liked the car song best. The performer's name was Louis. My favourite song was the kookaburra song. Brendon

Louis told us only the Aboriginal boys can play the didgeridoo. Tony

I liked when Louis played the didgeridoo.  Eve


Louis could talk through the didgeridoo. Sarah

We liked it and laughed when Louis made funny faces. Ali


When the NAIDOC man came to our school, he played the piano and the didgeridoo. I liked dancing like the animals the best. Geordie

I liked him playing the piano. We had fun dancing. Louciana

Today an Aboriginal man came to our school and sang for us. I liked the car song the best. Ashten