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Last updated 9:37 AM on 8 October 2011
On March 25, 2010 there was a show called Jollybops. The hosts were the Jolly Wizard and a robot called Rusty the
Robot. The first thing we had to do was say "there he is". The Jolly wizard could not find him.

In the first experiment the Jolly Wizard put up a rubber glove. He kept it on and it got really big. Then Rusty put the glove
over his head. When the Jolly Wizard let go of it, it went in Rusty's face. They needed a volunteer. The robot chose two
Y3 students. Then he asked them their names. He said their names again in funny talk. They popped a balloon with fire.
After it popped a Kindergarten kid was crying and the teacher needed to take her out.

A couple of experiments later they had to have another volunteer. I put my hand and I got chosen to get wet. The Jolly
Wizard said "should it be 80mls up to 125 mls?". He said "we need a good seal". So Rusty made a seal noise three times.
I pointed to Rusty and the Jolly Wizard said "Don't be silly". He let go of it but it was gel and everybody said "yum".

Then another volunteer had to put food colour into magic water. It changed colour.

We all enjoyed the show very much.

Curtis 1/2S