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Last updated 2:04 PM on 8 December 2011

Ms Scally 2011


As the end of term approaches, it draws to a close the long and successful career for our Assistant Principal, Ms Jenny Scally. After more than 40 years of teaching and caring for thousands of students in NSW public schools, Ms Scally is retiring.

Ms Scally joined our executive team six years ago. However, this was not her first venture into Connells Point Public School, having been a student here from 1955 to 1962! As she recollected at the time of our 75th Anniversary:

" The buildings we were in then were weatherboard, very similar to the blue ones still existing. They have been replaced with brick buildings now, and when I first came to Connells Point as a teacher, it was quite an odd feeling to see how much change had occurred. Another strange feeling was that the big double storey building was so much smaller than I remembered....When, after a parent fundraising project lasting many years, the new assembly hall was opened, I remember being part of the choir that sang "Bless this House" at the opening. It was a great thrill. Seeing how well utilised it is now, I'm sure those parents would be well pleased with the results."

Ms Scally's father, brother and two sisters were also pupils of our school, so you can see that the connection she has had with Connells Point Public School has been long and enduring.

Ms Scally has been a wonderful Assistant Principal and class teacher, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to build the strength and skills of our K-2 teachers, and contributing so much to the organisation and management of the school. She has remained enthusiastic and committed to achieving the very best outcomes for students, and to supporting teachers and parents as they work together in the interests of our children.

Through all the changes to schools, curriculum, methods, resources and community expectations, Ms Scally has moved with the times, embracing the best of the new and retaining the best of the tried and true.

As she moves into a time of her life less governed by bells, programs, meetings and sheer hard work, we thank her for everything she has done for the children, staff and parents of Connells Point Public School. We wish her a peaceful and long retirement, spent doing only the things that bring her joy.