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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011

Friday 4th March marked the end of an era for Connells Point Public School, with the retirement of our long-serving Assistant Principal, and often Relieving Principal, Mrs Anne Whale.


Mrs Whale has been a member of this staff since 1987, and a teacher with the Department of Education and Training for 33 years. In that time, she has worked closely with thousands of children and their families, and with hundreds of colleagues.


To each of these relationships she has brought enthusiasm, care, expertise, understanding, good humour, wisdom, support and guidance. Mrs Whale has been endlessly positive and built wonderful relationships with students, parents and staff alike.


Mrs Whale has been instrumental in many key programs over the years. Most recently, she has supported and promoted public speaking and writing across the school, increasing participation and raising standards  and resulting in outstanding student achievement. These are just two examples, of many, where her influence and talent has lifted student performance.


Mrs Whale has been a great leader of teams, bringing out the best in her colleagues and maintaining their focus on quality curriculum and improved learning outcomes. Her enthusiasm has encouraged others to try new things and take on new responsibilities, so that students would have more opportunities.


On behalf of our whole school community, I thank Mrs Whale for all that she has done for our school and its students over the last 23 years. We wish her a most enjoyable and well-earned retirement and look forward to welcoming her back when she is ready to join our team of casual and temporary teaching staff! 

"We will miss you because you are such a great teacher." Morgann 6C

"I had such a great time in Mrs Whale's class in Year 5 and I learned a lot from her." Brooke 6B

"Mrs Whale was the best teacher you could ever imagine. It is such a shame to see her go after all these years. Bye." Campbell 6C

"Mrs Whale was nice and caring. I learnt a lot from being in her class." George 6C