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Last updated 9:37 AM on 8 October 2011

Congratulations to all of the families who entered the 2010 Eggs-hibition. Once again, the entries were of a very high standard and it was hard to choose a winner. After much deliberation, the following egg-samples were chosen:

Egg-orcise - Liam 6P      Sport Catergory - Luca 3M

Science Category - Egg-orcise (Liam 6P)              Sport Category - Eggs-treme (Luca 3M)

General Winner - Eggsodus Ashleigh 6C

General Winner - Eggsodus (Ashleigh 6C)

Sport Category - Dale Egg Smith (Emma 4G)     

Sport Category - Dale Egg Smith (Emma 4G)

General Category - Egg-Stream (Ella 5L & Lara 2D)

General Category - Egg-Stream (Ella 5L & Lara 2D)

Simply hover over the picture to see which student created each artwork!

Eggs-traterrestrial (Campbell)      Eggs-plosion (Jasmine & Christiane 3W)      Egg-splorers (Lauren J)      Egg-Ball (Nicola K)      Eggs-hausted (Tyrone P)      Eggs-ercise (Annabelle 5W & Iva 5L)      Eggs-ercise (Maddi & Georgina)      Eggs-press Yourself      Eggs-pelliarmus (Holly F)      Eggs-ville Eggs-cursion (Daniella 3M)      Meggxican - Callum 6P      Eggs-cursion (Victoria L)      Egg-Head (Sophia 4/5M)      Eggs-travagant (Nicholas M)      Eggs-cursion then Eggs-tinction (Monica & Amelia)      Eggs-ecution (Amalie 6P)      Eggs-pired (Edward W)      Egg-Kebab (Sophie C)      Eggs-pensive (Jessica G)      Eggs-clusive (Ella 5L & Lara 2J)      Eggs-hausted (Paris H)      Eggs-posure (Audrey 2D)      Egg-ypt (Sara 4G)      Eggs-pence (Shana 6C)      Eggs-pression (P.S.)      Eggs-hilerating (Mikayla H)      Eggs-tinct Animals (Sarah & Angel)      Eggs-hibition of the Farm      Don't have a name - Sorry!

Thank you everyone for your great effort! I apologise if I have noted your name or entry incorrectly and will correct any mistakes in term 2.