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Last updated 2:42 PM on 6 February 2014

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Before going digital, our newsletter used at least 840 double sided A3 sheets of paper – that's 33,600 A3 sheets each year, just for the newsletter!


In an effort to significantly reduce our paper usage, in 2011 we decided to distribute our weekly newsletter via email, as well as on our website. To make a real environmental, time and cost saving to our school, we ask that every family with the capacity to forgo a paper copy of the newsletter, does so.


To receive the newsletter by email each Thursday, you can click on the 'Click Here' above. From this link you can subscribe by entering your details and clicking subscribe, you will then need to click 'Activate Now' in the confirmation email that you are sent. You only need to complete this process once. You will then receive the newsletter each week unless you unsubscribe yourself. If you change your email address, then you should re-subscribe via the Connells Point website.


Thank you for assisting in our school's effort to conserve paper and natural resources.