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Last updated 12:45 PM on 5 September 2012

Congratulations to the very talented debaters in the Premier's Debating Challenge. Our school progressed to the quarter final, after winner the zone rounds of our competition. It is the first year that our school has entered the competition and we unfortunately lost in the quarter final to McCallums Hill Public School. The debate was very close and students were asked to argue 'That money makes the world go round'. We were assigned the negative which really put some pressure on our speakers. Our team is to be congratulated on their sportsmanship, composure and dedication to learning new things. We look forward to a successful debating season next year.


 In our fourth debating round, the students were asked to argue ‘That canteens should be allowed to sell junk food". Connells Point PS was the affirmative team and just edged out Sutherland PS (which was also undefeated in the competition).


           Debating PDC                     Debating PDC

Also, congratulations to our Sydney Region debaters who have been making great progress in their competition. Both Connells Point PS Teams (A and B), were asked to debate "That Australia should have a three day weekend". Team B was victorious and will now debate against Carlton Public School in a tie break, to see who progresses to the next round.

  Debating SR     Debating SR

We congratulate all of these students on learning a new and valuable skill. These students have given up their free time, to make the most of the extra curricular activities offered at Connells Point PS. We wish them well in upcoming debates.


Mrs H. Green and Mr P. Cohen (Debating Coordinators)