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Last updated 11:32 AM on 27 October 2011

Congratulations to the students involved in Kids Witness News, which is a short film competition run by Panasonic. Our school's entry, entitled  ‘21st Century Communication', won the 2011 KWN New Vision Award for Primary Schools in NSW and the ACT. The award was announced at a national ceremony held at the Dendy Opera Quays, which involved finalists from every state in Australia.



Connells Point Public School was presented with a trophy which adorns the newly renovated foyer and $2000 worth of Panasonic equipment (in addition to the video camera, equipment and LCD screen that was donated to the school).


CPPS KWN Team - NSW and ACT Champions for 2011


The core team of 13 students that worked with Mr Cohen included;


     Dean (Year 6)                                      Clover (Year 6)

     Amelia (Year 6)                                    Brooke (Year 6)

     James (Year 6)                                     Ella (Year 6)

     Mikayla (Year 6)                                   Brendan (Year 6)

     Baillie (Year 6)                                     Georgia (Year 6)

     Dayna (Year 5)                                    Olivia (Year 5)

     Anthony (Year 4)


The competition has allowed the students to develop camaraderie with their peers and children from other years. It has established a common goal, allowing the students to compete in a team event, which is often reserved for those who are good at sport (and not necessarily creative).


Below are some comments from the KWN team;


·         "I particularly enjoyed the car scene because we got to wear cool costumes and use a green screen. I also made lots of friends, but didn't expect to do so much hard work! It was really fun!" Georgia


·         "I really liked how everyone shared and cooperated together to complete a fabulous short film. I didn't expect the movie to come out looking so professional. I really like our short film." Dayna


·         "Editing was heaps of fun; I really enjoyed watching my friends on camera, especially when they looked weird!" Brooke


·         "I learnt that a lot of hard work goes into making a video. It takes a long time to take one shot and you have to be very organised. I now understand why it takes months to make a movie that lasts for an hour and a half."  Clover


·         "I liked being able to use new ideas in drama and see what other people came up with. I also really liked using the new technology and figuring out how to use it." Baillie


·         "I learnt how to use a Panasonic camcorder and also a smoke machine. The KWN program was a great way to learn how to edit a video, write a script and use different cameras." Anthony


·         "The most fun part was video editing, because I didn't have to act! I learnt all about the functions of Pinnacle Studio, but did not expect it to be so time consuming." James


·         "I enjoyed meeting with friends, cooperating and experiencing new things. " Brendan


·         "I really didn't expect some people to have such a creative mind." Brooke


·         "I enjoyed acting and watching our final product. I didn't expect how good it would turn out!" Dean


·         "I learnt that anything is possible if you all really want to achieve it." Mikayla


St George Leader - 25/10/11 KWN Winners

 The St George Leader - Tues 26th Oct 2011

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