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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011


 Numerous technological advancements in the last few decades have had a significant impact upon the way in which people communicate.  Emails have become a prominent means of communication.

The students in 3D have come to recognise the importance of being able to converse with one another via email. 3D students have developed their ability to share their thoughts, opinions and comments with each other and the wider public, whilst abiding by the etiquette required when emailing.


‘Countdown' is a school magazine, read by the students in Year 3 and it corresponds with the Early Stage 2, NSW K–6 curriculum.


The mascots of the magazine, Yakka and Yip guide newly independent readers through a wealth of stories, poems, plays and articles, whilst encouraging the readers to contact them via email.


The most recent edition of the ‘Countdown' magazine, not only mentions the emails Yip and Yakka have received from the students at Connells Point Public School, but has included an email sent to them by one of our students.




Countdown Magazine (pdf, 971 KB)