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Last updated 3:47 PM on 22 May 2012

Parent-teacher interviews are great opportunities to meet your child's teachers and shouldn't be missed. 

Here are some tips from Harrington Street Public School principal Wayne Koboroff about how to get the best out of your time with the teacher.

Do your homework

Take a few minutes before your meeting to jot down any questions or comments you have. Because interviews usually only run 10 – 15 minutes it's good to have a reminder of the points you wanted to raise.

Common questions may include:

  • How is my child fitting in with other children?
  • What are the children working on now in class?
  • Is there anything about my child's needs that I should know?
  • Does my child ask questions, participate in class discussions/ class room activities?
  • Is my child's reading progress satisfactory?
  • What activities does my child seem to enjoy the most at school?
  • Who are my child's friends?
  • Is my child's numeracy progress satisfactory?
  • Does my child join in with other children in the playground?
  • What kinds of things will the class be doing over the next few weeks?
  • Can you tell me the best time and way to contact you if I have a query or concern?
  • Do you have any concerns about my child?
  • How is my child progressing in comparison to others in his/her year level?
  • Also, list anything that might be happening at home that may be helpful for your child's teacher to know. If your child has seen a specialist for example, there may be some information that is important for the teacher or the school counsellor to know.

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