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Last updated 9:48 AM on 25 November 2011

Evan - Spelling Bee 2011


A BIG congratulations to Evan in 6C who placed 3rd in the 2011 NSW Premier's Spelling Bee. This phenomenal effort is the result of years of dedication and study. Evan who is the school Vice Captain, beat over 110 000 NSW students to progress to the finals that were held at the ABC studios and broadcast live on ABC radio. Evan would like to thank everyone who supported him in achieving his goal (especially his parents).


Just in case you were wondering, the word that led to Evan's demise was...


propitious (adj)

1. favourable; auguring well

2. gracious or favourably inclined

[from Latin propitius well disposed, from prope close to]


Evan Spelling Bee - 22/11/11

Evan Spelling Bee - 22/11/11

Evan Spelling Bee - 22/11/1 (pdf, 944 KB)