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Last updated 9:38 AM on 8 October 2011

It was a cold start to the morning and I wasn't looking forward to jumping into the cold 50m pool.   It was not long before we were all swimming in the pool and it turned out to be a warm day.  Almost everybody did freestyle in the races but not many did butterfly.


There was some great cheering going on in the crowd and Dr McKirdy gave out 1,000 house points to the loudest house cheers.  It was great to see lots of parents at the carnival cheering for their children.


I always looking forward to our swimming carnivals because not only do we get to swim in the pool but we also get to sit with our friends and eat ice blocks together. Everybody should give a big clap for Miss Benson for organising our carnival.


George 3H

On Tuesday this week we had our swimming carnival. We caught the bus from school to the pool. On arrival at the pool there was a light shower of rain. Everyone was settled into the stands in houses and the cheering started. Before starting the races, we had to sing Happy Birthday to Mrs McCain.


The carnival started with the 100m freestyle and the age races for freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, backstroke and butterfly.  While the kids were swimming there was lots of cheering going on.


We had a break for lunch before the finals and relay races were swum. Dr McKirdy got each house to sing their chant and they were sung with lots of enthusiasm.


Throughout the day we were allowed to go to the canteen. Our water safety teacher Mr Parson went to the rescue of a student that he thought needed help.


Clean up was done and we were on our way back to school. The rain stayed away.

We need to wait to see which house won. A good day was had by all involved.


Lara 3F